Acts 8:26-39

I hope you are having a great day thus far and have taken time to read the Scripture passage for this devotional - that is where the real substance is. The power to change your life and grow you closer to Jesus is in the Word of God. If you do not read the rest of this devotional, but spend time with God in reading your Bible, the goal of this time has been accomplished.

In our Bible reading today, Philip is instructed by an angel of the Lord to travel to an area where God would lead him to meet a man from Ethiopia. We commonly call this man the Ethiopian eunuch; he was a very powerful man who served the Ethiopian queen at the time. While traveling in his chariot, the Ethiopian man was reading the book of Isaiah and was apparently having trouble understanding it. When Philip approached the chariot, he asked the Ethiopian if he understood what he was reading and the man replied, "... How can I, except some man should guide me? ...." (verse 31).

The Ethiopian man was telling Philip that he wanted to understand, but needed someone to show him the way. Philip responded in guiding him into the truth of God's Word and the Ethiopian trusted Christ as his Savior. This is a side note, but is there anything better than guiding someone to know Jesus as their personal Savior? What an awesome privilege! There are some great principles of guiding people, whether into salvation or into a deeper relationship with Jesus, that we can learn from Philip's interaction with the Ethiopian man.

1. A guide can show the way because he knows the way.
A guide knows where he is going because of where he has been. If you are saved, you know how a person can know Jesus as their Savior. Have confidence in your salvation and share what Jesus has done for you with someone else. If you want to help someone have a deeper relationship with Jesus after salvation, you must have a deep relationship with Jesus yourself. Maybe you feel like the Ethiopian and need someone to help guide you. Do not be afraid to ask someone who does have a close relationship with Christ to help you!

2. A guide needs to be close to the one he is guiding.
Philip literally and physically came near to the Ethiopian man to help him. If we want to help show people the way to Christ, we need to get close to them. We need to spend time with them and take genuine interest in their lives and situations. People need help right where they are and they need someone to meet them there. Maybe you need to go out of your way today to spend some quality time with someone helping them.

3. A guide knows where an individual needs to go and how to get him there.
This thought ties directly with the previous one. By being close to someone, I learn where they are and what they need. Philip recognized that the Ethiopian needed someone to explain the Word of God to him so he could trust Christ for salvation. In order to lead someone, we must be able to get to know them and see what their needs are. Then we need to have the spiritual discernment to see where they need to go and how to help them get there. By walking closely with Christ myself, I can better understand how to help people grow closer to Christ in their own lives.


Written by Corey Knopf
October 10, 2018