Testimonies of Victory

These are unedited testimony of actual RU students who have found the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ.

Jeff's Testimony

It has been about fourteen months since I rededicated my life to serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wish I would have known when I accepted Christ at the age of nineteen how close I could get to him and how great his presence can be, how good God is, and how much he wants us to have everything we need in this life and more. God does answer prayers and he has answered many these last fourteen months. I can not praise him enough for changing my life and the joy he has added to it. He has not only restored what I had lost but has given me things that I never before had. A few months after getting right with Christ I was riding my motorcycle through the country on the way home from RU. I smelt the smoke from a camp fire and heard the voices of children playing and it took me back to a time when I was young and camping on the river bank with my family in West Virginia. I had a brief remembrance of how I use to feel before I ever drank alcohol or done drugs. I was content with how I felt then, and with whom I was, well as much as one could be at such a young age. I was distraught and thought I would never be able to feel that way again. It was too late, I had already tasted and felt the feelings that alcohol and drugs could produce. It was hopeless and I could never go back. This voice in my head, this person on my shoulder whispering in my ear could never be silenced.

But I was wrong and praise God for opening my eyes, my heart, and my ears to the voice of truth. It is the greatest miracle in my life. Not only has the voice of my addictions been silenced, but it has been replaced with such a wonderful feeling of hope and peace. The words in this testimony could never explain or give God enough praise for what he has done for me. Words fall so short.

At first the Lord gave me the strength to help me deal with and manage the desires. I found that the more I read, studied, and meditated on God’s word, the more the desires faded away. I always enjoyed the singing the most at church, but now I so much look forward to the preaching. God has revealed so much to me through his word being preached and I am excited to hear and learn more. Good stuff, you know.

God knows our true feelings and what is truly in our hearts. I believe that if you sincerely pray about something you are struggling with, and can not overcome it on our own, that God will use the people around you, put you into a situation, or will send someone to your door or into your life that will help you to overcome what ever it is. One example of this, which is just one of many, is the support, advice, direction, and fellowship I have received in the RU’s second talk’s group. Listening to other’s issues has helped me in dealing with my own. Many things that were said in my group have helped me in so many ways. One realization, awakening, or enlightenment I had was in my group when we were talking about prayer and if it was possible to have insincere prayers? I thought it was possible because before, when I prayed that God would help me to overcome my addiction. But deep down in the back of my heart I did not want to give it up and was holding on to it. I loved it and it was my best friend. I had forgotten how to live without it. Then someone pointed out that I was not holding on to it, “IT” was holding on to me. How wonderful the feeling was and how great it felt to have like this weight lifted off of my shoulders, to realize that the way I had felt, believed, and thought for so many years was wrong. The Lord had finally allowed me to hear his voice of truth.

I have found that after spending some time with God and in his word daily that the sky is a little bluer and the air is a little fresher, music sounds a little better and family and friends are a little dearer, and life is so much better. Jesus Christ has performed a miracle in my life that I had never thought possible. I praise him for the work he did on the cross for me and what he is doing for me today, and for the RU program. I know it is because of him that I live today, and because of him, not RU that I am renewed. But RU is a wonderful program that has helped me to build a solid foundation upon Jesus Christ. It has provides direction and guidance, and has helped me to develop good habits that will keep me on the right path to serving the Lord. Through this program God allowed me to see the light.

The Lord answered my prayers by sending that youth pastor to my door, and giving me the strength to be honest with him, and letting me learn of RU. That pastor was the Lord’s messenger, a godsend, with the message of hope and of the truth which is Jesus Christ.


Kenya's Testimony

I come from a large extended family, half of which are dedicated Christians half of which are not. I am from the “not” side of the family. Although we attended church often, my mother was in and out of church while my father never attended. As a teenager we were out of church more than in, which eventually lead to me falling away from the church and the Lord all together. I always had a feeling of needing more out of life and knew deep down that I was missing Jesus. But instead I was I trying to find my happiness in the world by doing many worldly things.

At the age of 30 and with my second child on the way, I knew I needed to get back into church. So, my husband and I did. It was the best decision we have ever made. After a move from the city and a church membership closer to our home, I began to search for a faith based addictions program for my addict brother and myself on how to deal with an addict from a Biblical perspective. I became aware of RU through my home church and began attending for many months before my brother could. Unfortunately, my brother made the decision that he didn’t want what God has for him and stopped coming to RU after only 2 weeks. I however continued and continue to come. Even though RU is an addictions program, sometimes I wish it wasn’t called that. What I have learned through RU is that this is not an “addictions” thing this is a GOD thing. This program has showed me how to draw closer to Jesus so that I can grow spiritually. It has taught me not to be just a church “goer” or “doer” within the church, but rather it has taught me to be a servant of the Lord listening to what he has to tell me through my daily bible reading, challenges, and journaling. Every day I find myself learning more and more and talking about this program and what it has done for me as a Christian. I love RU and I love the RU family!


Tiffany's Testimony

I’m 28 years old and my entire life I’ve grown up in a dysfunctional family. My mother and father split up when I was only one. My mother was an alcoholic and both my parents used drugs. When I was sixteen I started trying most drugs. The older I got the worse it got. Before I knew it I was in jail on my way to a rehab. I spent 6 months in a rehab in Dayton. They were supposed to be teaching me the tools to cope with life. I was out of the program for only 2 months when I decided to get high again. My life was on a complete downward spiral again.

Before I knew it I was in jail with more charges and facing prison. While I was in Jail my mother was in contact with one of our family friends (Lonnie) finding out about RU. At this point in my life I thought I was finished. I was going to prison and going to be a drug addict for the rest of my life. My mother agreed to bond me out if I would try this faith-based program. I was reluctant but agreed. I would have agreed to anything to get out of there.

I was out for a few days when Lonnie called wanting me to go to church. Of course I tried every excused not to go. The day was September 25, 2008 and that’s the day my life changed forever. I went and Bro. Baldwin was preaching. I felt like he was preaching straight to me. After the sermon I met a beautiful Godly loving person, Ruth Kelly. She led me to Christ. After that my life was completely different.

I knew life could be good if I would just live for God. I still had many trials to overcome and plenty of adversity to face, but I knew with God in my heart I could beat this. I still had to go to court and face everything I had done. I knew I had changed, but I had to show the court that I had. I begged and pleaded to God to give me another chance and of course I was scared of the outcome but of course God heard my cry and knew I was sincere so he brought me through all of it with the perfect outcome.

Now I’ve had victory over drugs and in Christ for over a year! I know without God in my life I would be in prison, and still an addict. I thank God everyday for the person I am through him.


Dee Dee's Testimony

My name is Dee Dee, I am 40 years old. My experience with the RU program has forever changed my life and my relationship with God and others. I was raised in a very religious upbringing and have been instilled with beliefs of God, Jesus , and the word of the bible. As I began to become a teenager, I fell away for my teachings and began to run with the wrong “crowd” of people and thought because I was strong in faith that God would not let anything “bad “ happen to me……..this is where my story began……..and the devil moved in on my life…..I continued my “unhealthy” lifestyle, moved out of the family home, and was soon married to an alcoholic and drug addict.

I thought that I could save this person because I was strong and had my faith. To my dismay and to prove to you readers and those new to this program that without God I was not strong and THE DEVIL KNEW IT! I found myself waking up many years later as a lost child from God who had gotten “strung” out on drugs, doing anything that became available to me, in and out of county jails, treatment facilities, rehabs, hospitals, and alienation from the family that loved me.

I had done all the traditional “programs” that courts had ordered, tried the self-help…..that became the self-destruction, and I remembered crying out to God for his help. My relief came after landing in the county jail once again. I received a tract from another inmate who said “you want this I’m throwing this out, I don’t need this, I can do it by myself”. I read it and found what it said to make a lot of sense, to what I already knew about God and his love. The first principle IF GOD IS AGAINST IT SO AM I, played throughout my head and found myself looking around the room at just what was going on and how God would feel about it, and how I felt about it, from that moment change began.

Next was the most powerful moment in this journey. First Baptist Church came and had a program for our chapel time, I saw an array of people come in happy and proud in their faith. Three individuals stood out. First was Lonnie and Cheryl, they gave their testimony and shared their experience and I felt like they were talking straight to me, I saw myself right there in tune with each word, I WANTED WHAT THEY HAD…..happiness and the love of God in my life. After that I scheduled an appointment to see someone with the RU program. At that visit Ruth came to see me and I knew at that very moment I was doing what God wanted to do. My relationship with her was instantaneous and I knew she would be my mentor for this journey I was about to take, but would I know how much this impact would be on me.

I did everything she told me to do , she gave me the daily journal to do and gave me the first overcomers book. I saw the difference in my life and so did others, what I wanted from those from RU, was coming true and others around me were then wanting what I had, so I shared about what I knew from RU. I worked the program while in the county and met with Ruth regularly, it came the time to leave, which by the way was 20 days early, and I called Ruth the very next day and told her that I would be at the RU program that Friday. I got there with open arms and a peacefulness I had not felt for years.

The RU program and God has saved my life and given me back all the wonderful things I thought were lost.

To sum things up for you, before RU, I was a homeless addicted, who was alienated from my family and children, I had lost hope, given up and did not care. I was living the typical addict life, stealing, drugging, and destroying my life and hurting everyone around me. I have been actively doing the RU program for 10 months now and I am amazed at all the wonderful things that are and are continuing to happen for me. I have a good job, my mind and body are healthy, I am living back with my family and children, whom said they would never have anything to do with me (THAT IS A GOD THING….PRAISE GOD!), and I am out of the abusive relationship and engaged to a wonderful man named Jim, who is involved with the RU program also. God never gave up me, and he led me to RU and the wonderful family I have developed there………so if like myself you feel lost or have tried everything with no positive results, know that there is and answer…………..THE RU PROGRAM, and the love of God!!

It has changed my life and it will yours also, because God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves, and the RU family helps addicts like me find our way back to God and guides us in rebuilding our relationship with him.

Thanks to the RU program-Child of Christ

Dee Dee