Modeling Growing Faith for Others

Why do insurmountable situations take place in our lives? I am sure many of us have asked this question time and time again. It is very easy to see something so difficult and impossible that we suddenly become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation. In the moment, it is hard to comprehend that the purpose of the impossible is not only for our faith in God to increase, but just as equally to help and encourage the growth of someone else's faith in God. We see this illustrated in multiple places in God's Word such as: Joseph and Pharaoh, Gideon and his men, Moses and the children of Israel, as well as many others.

Daniel and the three Hebrew children have such a story with king Nebuchadnezzar. In Daniel chapter 2, king Nebuchadnezzar has a dream, but is unable to understand the dream. He then challenges his advisors to not only interpret the dream, but also to tell him what the dream was about. The advisors request the king to tell them the dream so they can interpret but, for some reason, the king does not answer their request. Instead, he promises to destroy them and their families if they do not give him the answers that he desires. The advisor's response in verse 11 is one of stating that "... there is none other that can shew it before the king, except the gods, ..."

Daniel's response to the impossible situation was one that models what each of us should do as Christians. He requests time from the king to pray to God, but he takes this opportunity one step further and brings in others to pray with him over this overwhelming situation. It is so important in modeling growing faith that we invite others along the journey. Many times we are afraid to invite others because we fear that they will see us in our struggling times, but we miss the opportunity of them experiencing the miracle of faith answered through prayer in our lives and their own.

Then God answers their prayers in verse 19. In verses 19-23, Daniel proceeds to praise his God for answered prayer; but in verse 23, he includes those that made the journey with him. Though Daniel and the three Hebrew children benefited from Daniel's answer to prayer, the greatest victory in the story was the increased faith of Daniel, the three Hebrews, king Nebuchadnezzar, and all of the advisors in the kingdom.

As you approach your insurmountable obstacle in your life, do not miss the great lesson taught us by Daniel. Bring people with you that will not only share in your burden, but also be able to share in the victory of answered prayer. When that answer to prayer comes, know that God is allowing not only your faith to grow, but those that you are willing to bring along with you.


Written by Andy Horner
July 8, 2020