A Look at Abraham

Sometimes in life, the Lord allows us to experience great moments of success and growth in our Christian faith. Other times, circumstances become much more difficult as we face obstacles that we do not understand. Situations that might seem like setbacks manifest themselves in our lives and we wonder why. It is important to know that God is always good and right. He allows circumstances to enter into our lives to cause us to see Him greater and to grow our faith and dependence upon Him.

Abraham is a great example of someone that God had a desire to use, but experienced hardships and circumstances that he did not understand. In Genesis 12, Abram is called by God out of the city of Ur to a land that he knew not. What an unsure but exciting time it must have been in Abram's life. He was directly led by God and upon arriving at God's destination for Abram, he experienced God's promise of blessing upon his life. It was at this point that Abram built an altar to remember God's blessings and promises.

He then built another altar just outside a place called Bethel, which means the "house of God," and it was there that he pitched his tent to stay in God's presence. Everything was going well in Abram's life, but eventually things became more complicated. A famine in the land developed and Abram began to see his circumstances rather than the presence of his God. No one does this purposefully. It is so easy to see the overwhelming obstacles of life instead of God's daily presence in our lives. Surely the need to provide for his family was a major concern for Abram. His need as a husband to provide security for his wife and household was no doubt a great burden on his mind as well. But instead of being patient and waiting upon God, Abram made the mistake that many of us make. He went down into Egypt to solve his own problems. As Egypt is a picture of the world, it is very easy for us to relate to Abram. So many times our problems become so big in our eyes that we lose sight of our even bigger God. We are not patient enough to wait upon God and His timing to meet our needs. Instead, we act and try to solve our own problems with the solutions of the world. Abram's original intent of providing for his family turned into protecting himself in verses 12-13.

I don't know if you are experiencing what Abram did and trying to create your own solutions for the problems of life, but Abram's testimony teaches us one thing. As it says in Proverbs 3:5, we should "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Don't allow the things you don't understand in life to pull you away from the Person that has all the answers. Trust Him instead of looking to the world to solve your own problems. Thankfully, Abram eventually realized his state and came back to God to solve his problems for him. If you have ventured from God to solve your own problems, it is never too late to come back to Him and lean upon His understanding once again.


Written by Andy Horner
January 30, 2019