As this is my first opportunity to compose a Staff Devotional, I want to thank Pastor Duttry for this opportunity. This devotional is intended to remind us of God's omnipresence in our lives, His very personal care for us individually, and His consistent kindness as He shepherds us through the issues of life.

As many of you know, my wife and I moved here from Pensacola, Florida last year. Our home sold quickly, I found the right replacement for my previous position as manager of an oral surgery practice, and Liz eased out of her job as a baker. With our arrival here, we were faced with a host of new issues - where to live, what about health care options, and for Liz, where are the stores? In the dynamic that followed our move, it was too easy to let frustration over a prospective home or location creep into our thoughts and, consequently, affect our mood, our actions, and our temperaments. Beyond the house-hunting issues of our move and the busyness of getting settled here, I was asked to help with the RU Recovery Program, a Christ-centered addictions program, and a wonderful ministry of the First Baptist Church of Milford.

What I have come to understand through the challenges of moving here, the house-hunting adventure, and the principles taught in the RU Recovery Program is that most things in my life, and perhaps yours as well, are small. They are not the life-changing events or circumstances that we sometimes make them out to be. We are blessed with 10 wonderful grandchildren and have at least two with special needs. I know that God understands, is fully aware, and has an answer for them as well. Our time in Milford has taught us to rely on Him even more, to be grateful for His goodness in our lives, to be thankful for the virtue of patience, and to stand in awe when His blessings and answers are revealed. We have learned that He is where we are, that He cares, and that He wants us to yoke up with Him for truly His burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30). Even when we are faced with circumstances that seem maddening, or issues that test our resolve, He is there - through the storms of life (Mark 4:39), through the sickness of a child (Psalm 56:3), and through the typical worries of our existence (1 Peter 5:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9, and Philippians 4:13).

I have learned, even more so this past year, that life is simply too complex to handle things in my strength. I am weak, limited, and oftentimes cannot see the outcome of my decision or management of an issue. I have come to rely on Him, His wisdom, His ability, and His forgiveness for this flawed soul. He promises to guide me, but I must first yield to Him and be completely at peace that He knows my issues, the needs that I have, and the right fixes for everything (Romans 6:13).

Do you find yourself in a similar plight? Do you have worries with no answers? Have you utterly relied on Him for your outcomes, the health of your family, the ministry in which you serve, and the challenges of the issues out of your control? I know He is able, He stands ready, and He alone has the answers that we seek. While we may fool ourselves to be self-reliant, as God's children and spiritual beings, we need Him. He is our Father and only He has the ability to bring peace to our lives (Psalm 62:5).

winn b

Written by Bob Winn
Business Manager - FBCM
May 30, 2018