Matthew 5:13-16

Today I would like to share some thoughts from a very familiar passage to many. It is the passage in Matthew on being salt and light. Christ is telling the disciples that they (and us today) are to make an impact in this world. We are to be salt and light. As I look into this, I see a couple of things that stand out.

First, this world is rotten and dark. This is the truth of what sin does; it makes things rotten and dark. We are called to be salt to preserve and light to illuminate. We must fulfill that responsibility. However, we are not just to identify rottenness and darkness, but we should also expose the hope of how to get out of that rottenness and darkness. Sometimes we exhaust ourselves calling out what is wrong with the world without ever offering the hope we have of being right in and through Christ.

Second, we are of no value if we do not do what we were made to do. Christ uses two items that really only have one major function. If salt loses its saltiness, the Bible says it is good for nothing and should be thrown down and run over. If light does not do what light is supposed to do, it has no secondary purpose. It is worthless. They both must do what they were made to do. As Christians, if we are not doing what we were made to do, we too are of no value. There are some who are afraid to do wrong, but aren't committed enough to do right. As a result, the world does not want them and Christ can't use them. How sad that some Christians choose not to make a difference in a rotten and dark world.

In addition to the two points above, I believe there is one other thing that Christ is highlighting here in this chapter. Notice that He talks about what we are to do after He describes what we should be. In the beginning of this chapter, Christ details out what we call the Beatitudes. They are a picture of Himself and what He desired to make the disciples to become when He called them out in the previous chapter. But what was impressed upon my heart was how many times I tried to do what salt and light should do without always being what Christ wanted me to be. The efforts were good, but please know that if we are not what we should be, we will never properly do what we should do. We are something before we begin to act as something. The two things should always go together, but the order and sequence should be the one that Christ lays down here.

So what happens when we are what we are supposed to be and do what we are supposed to do? People around us see God in and through us. Matthew 5:16 says we are to let our light shine so people can see our good works, but it won't be for us to be seen. They will see light and salt doing what they are supposed to do and glorify God. Sometimes we get so aggravated and disgusted with the world around us, but I wonder how different it would be if I would be what I'm supposed to be and then do what I'm supposed to do? I pray that today we can examine where we are and make sure we are being what we are supposed to be in Christ. We will then do what we were made to do and the world will see Christ.


Written by Kenn Winn
July 10, 2019