The Problem

The Bible records the first miracle that Jesus Christ ever performed in the gospel of John, chapter 2. Jesus and His disciples were invited to a wedding where Christ's mother, Mary, was attending. Mary came to her Son with a big problem ... THE WINE WAS ALL GONE! This was much different than when we run out of tea and lemonade at a church activity today. In Jesus' time, hospitality and service of guests was not only an honor, but a great responsibility to be kept at all costs. If the wine truly was out and none could be found, then this newlywed couple and their families would carry this embarrassment with them for the rest of their lives. The problem was a simple one. The consequences, however, were extremely heavy.

The Advice

Mary came to Jesus, BELIEVING that He would intervene. She looked to the servants and said something so simple, but so wise - I will never forget it for as long as I live: "... Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it." (vs. 5) With the familiarity of this passage, I have gone over this statement many times and have not seen the gravity of it. Mary knew WHO Jesus was and that dictated what she said. Do we really know who Jesus is? I think if we did, we would do WHATEVER He asks of us. Our church has been focusing on Following JESUS. Sometimes I do a great job at that ... in one or two areas ... or maybe three! But few times do I follow Him in EVERYTHING that He asks of me.

The Blessing

Because of the servant's obedience to everything that Jesus said, the wine did not run out. In fact, the Bible says that the ruler of the feast tasted the water that was made wine; then called the groom to himself and said, "... thou hast kept the good wine until now." (vs. 10) God always provides the best and He always provides enough. Not only was the feast a success, but the servants became aware of the greatness of God and were part of the blessing that took place on that wedding day! Christ not only made Himself aware to the servants, but also to His disciples as He "... manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him." (vs. 11)

If we trust God, fully obey, and do whatever He says, I see four things that will happen:

  1. God will work in His way and in His time, but will always provide the best and definitely enough!
  2. We will be used by God to be a blessing to others.
  3. Christ will show His glory to others.
  4. People, seeing His glory, will believe on Him.
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Written by Ryan Williamson
Intern - FBCM
March 13, 2019